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Muslim Youth Scholar Training Internship

An Overview

MySTI– Muslim Youth Scholar Training Internship is an initiative of the Mafiq Foundation in collaboration with the IRead Foundation, started in 2013, that inspires initiatives that aim at solving community problems by integrating Islamic and scientific research methodologies.

A Litmus Test for the prospective Interns?? 

Are you active in the Muslim youth community and you desire to contribute something for the pleasure of Allah swt ?  

Do you feel the need to keep Muslim youth faithful to their religion and community?  

Do you see the challenge in keeping Muslim youth faithful to their religion and community and you desire to do something to change the trend? 

Do you see that our Islamic centers are disconnected and disorganized and you have a hypothesis to deal with such an issue?

If your response is “YES” to the questions above then this internship is for you. 

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Participant Resources

Code of Conduct

We have laid out rules and code of conduct that every participant and parent is expected to abide by.

Format & Rubrics​

Our set of criteria used for assessing our participants in every event

Resources & Tips​

Library of tools to help our participants learn and prepare for the upcoming event.

Mentor Resources

Resources & Tips

We have resources to guide our mentors.


“MYSTI is a great platform for the youth to explore their scientific questions. All of these programs are well-thought out and planned with the youth of today in mind. Although my children may not realize it, but the skills they all learned from each of these programs have become an integral part of their overall academic development.” Sr. Zahra Ahmed, MD

Past Events

2020Created a framework for crowdsourcing of the authenticity of web resources; investigated RAND corporations research tools for fake detection; proposed some use cases. DetailsThe Truth Lab
Truth Checking Made Easy
Kamil Bello
Zayd Mahfuz
Maheer Bello
Hasan Jones
2019Identified websites on some Hot Topics on Islam and then proposed an algorithm for Authenticity rank in terms of Alexa ranking, number of linked sites, and SME inputs. DetailsThe Fake Buster
Moulaye Sy
Erfan Hamza
Maheer Bello
Ameen Ahmed
2018We want to efficiently balance supply and demand for basic amenities in our communities by matching volunteers and refugees, thus strengthening our societies. DetailsMake America Heal Again
Nimah Nayel
Zillay Saleem
Faateha Syed
2014Finding a correlation between achievement and Identity; Survey results and analysis validates Parents do have an impact on their child’s identity and achievement. DetailsMuslim Youth Identity Crisis
Doha Nassar
2014This research proposed approaches to identify aspects that will improve the quality of Islamic Services, with specific focus on Branding and Consumer business relationship. DetailsRebranding Islamic Services
Adib Ahmad
2014Survey and Study showed that by pipelining the leadership, communities can reach higher levels of professionalism and quality of service. DetailsThe Leadership pipeline in Muslim American OrganizationsSamad Hussein

In addition, there has been moderate efforts on a number on other research topics:

  1. Islamophobia and Muslim Identity (Under One Light – Building trust, acceptance, and unity)
  2. Understanding the Internal Conflict with Faith
  3. Pandemic Response Coordination
  4. Combatting Islamophobia through Increased Hospitality
  5. The Impact of American Culture Amongst Second Generation Muslim Teens
  6. A Web Portal for College Prep
  7. Community Track & Serve
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