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Muslim Hackathon

An Overview

A platform for Muslim youth to learn new skills, meet new people and unlock creativity in an inclusive environment using technology.

A 24 hours sprint-like event focused on collaboration to come up with innovative solutions using technology.

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No previous coding experience is required! Teams of 3-5 members will be required to build practical solutions, over a span of 24 hours, for relevant issues impacting the society.

Throughout the hackathon, mentors will be there to help with everything from project ideation, formulation, to development and submission. 

Participate in a fun-filled learning experience! 

Do you wish to be a part of the exciting team that brings this event to life?

Upcoming Events

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Participant Resources

Code of Conduct

We have laid out rules and code of conduct that every participant and parent is expected to abide by.

Format & Rubrics​

Our set of criteria used for assessing our participants in every event

Resources & Tips​

Library of tools to help our participants learn and prepare for the upcoming event.

Judges' Resources

Resources & Tips

With every EPC event, we have laid out rules and code of conduct that every participant and parent have to abide by.


There are two ways: either you bring your own team members or meet members on the day of the event to form your team.

YES! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks will all be provided 🙂

There will be 5 workshops, but the only mandatory workshop is the project management session. Choosing any other workshops you want to attend is up to you. Try your best to attend as many as you can by dividing your team members to join parallel workshops.

We strongly recommend that you stay overnight, but you don’t have to. This will be an experience for you as there will be games and activities beyond working on your hack or attending workshops 🙂

This is a “no-sleep” hackathon. If you choose to nap or sleep then we suggest you go home whenever you feel tired.

If you let us know in advance, we can help arrange any transportation services from ADAMS, Diyanet Center of America, or ISB.

It’s a surprise 🙂 But there will be cash prizes of up to $500 for first place winners.

Yes, of course.

No! This is an event for you to come learn new things and expand your abilities! If you have previous coding experience that’s great but if you don’t, don’t let that set you back. There are so many ways you can still create an app demo or webpage or pitch a hack idea without prior coding knowledge. If you want to make your hack more coding intense you can always use the help of mentors and your teammates to learn
from them!

Past Events

Team NameProject NameOverall PositionTeam Members
GOATs in a BOATQabaila -Tribes1st Position
Emaan Hai
Emira-Syeda Ali
Ayesha Shaik
Yusra Luster
ibu2nd Position
Razan Masri
Sunnah Syed
Hanan Masri
Shafiya Salahuddin
ERRent-An-Imam3rd PositionZayd Mahfuz
Esmail Esayed
Sultan Zakariya
Fitnah Fighters
Mindful Muslims4th Position
Humza Rao
Rehan Saleem
Mustafa Farooq
Mustafa Qureshi
Osman Syed
ANTProfinity Filter Atta Siddiqui
Naji Nasir
Talha Ikram
Desi DinglersEvent Pro
Marzouq Ullah
Zakariya Siddiqui
Omar Mysorewala
FPM5Making Arabic Easy
Mushfiq Rafee
Yaseen Muhammad
Wasif Pervez
Happy Little HackersFitness app
Abdulaziz Vohra
Abdurrahman Masri
Hadi Damanhouri
Python for future proxyIhsan Mohammed
Nasif Ryhan
SPARTANSMyDietOmar Moharram
Abdelrahman Moharram
Ryan Shubair
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