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Muslim youth debate tournament


Focuses on developing and exercising skills in parliamentary debate, critical analysis, and verbal delivery in the context of relevant faith-related topics. In our Muslim youth, we help nurture eloquence and wisdom in how the world works; this one, and the next.

MYDT Events

Since 2006, MYDT event has been nurturing and honing the art of eloquence in the community

MYDT @ ADAMS Center Preliminaries Topics:


Includes two given (see below) and one impromptu topics (will be provided during the preliminary rounds).
The semis and finals are impromptu as well.  

Two Given Topics are:

Middle School
  1. The work week should be 4 days
  2. You must pay to use social media
High School
  1. The work week should be 4 days
  2. Rail should replace road in America

Debaters should prepare for both the proposition and opposition sides since they don’t know in advance which side of the bench they will be representing.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for MYDT @ ADAMS Center by  31 Oct 2023


Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023

Semi-Final & Final

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023



ADAMS Center, Herndon, Virginia

Stay tuned for more information in Oct.

For details about rules of the road, visit here (subject to change)
Tentative MYDT Workshops

Oct 29, 2023 at ADAMS Center Herndon, VA  from 5:00 -6:30  pm

Register here for the MYDT Virtual Workshop Link 
 Contact for details: [email protected]

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