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A Litmus Test for the prospective Interns?? 

  • Are you active in the Muslim youth community and you desire to contribute something for the pleasure of Allah swt ?  
  • Do you feel the need to keep Muslim youth faithful to their religion and community?  
  • Do you see the challenge in keeping Muslim youth faithful to their religion and community (see https://www.cair.com/images/pdf/The-American-Mosque-2011-part-1.pdf) and you desire to do something to change the trend? 
  • Do you see that our Islamic centers are disconnected and disorganized (American Mosque, visit:  https://www.cair.com/images/pdf/The-American-Mosque-2011-part-2.pdf) and you have a hypothesis to deal with such an issue?

If your response is “YES” to the questions above then this internship is for you. 



MySTI 2022

Schedual: 2022

Registration Deadline: <date>

Judging/Volunteer Deadlines: <date>

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