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Muslim youth scholor training internship


Internship opportunities to inspire initiatives that aim at solving community problems by integrating Islamic and scientific research methodologies.

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MySTI– Muslim Youth Scholar Training Internship is an initiative of the Mafiq Foundation in collaboration with IRead foundation, started in 2013, that inspires initiatives that aims at solving community problems by integrating Islamic and scientificresearch methodologies.

A Litmus Test for the prospective Interns?? 

Are you active in the Muslim youth community and you desire to contribute something for the pleasure of Allah swt ?  

Do you feel the need to keep Muslim youth faithful to their religion and community?  

Do you see the challenge in keeping Muslim youth faithful to their religion and community and you desire to do something to change the trend? 

Do you see that our Islamic centers are disconnected and disorganized and you have a hypothesis to deal with such an issue?

If your response is “YES” to the questions above then this internship is for you. 

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