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MySTI– Muslim Youth Scholar Training Internship is an initiative of the Mafiq Foundation in collaboration with IRead foundation, started in 2013, that inspires initiatives that aims at solving community problems by integrating Islamic and scientific research methodologies. 

The event is conducted annually and has been organized in DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.


The National Academy of Sciences states that the object of research is to “extend human knowledge of the physical, biological, or social world beyond what is already known.”


What is Islamic research and how does it differ from Scientific Research? 

  • Scientific research (SR) believes that there is no truth until it is scientifically proven
  • SR provides an avenue to get benefitted in the dunya while this is focused for benefiting both Dunya and Akhirah
  • Islamic research believes Allah has send down the Truth and we explore the truth for the welfare of the mankind
  • As stated in the al-Hadith of the Prophet, which means, “The best of you is the more useful for others”.


Why We Do It

There are many useful benefits of doing the internship.

  • Learning research methodology and its practical implementation to real world scenario 
    • Islamic perspectives on engaging with Science & Research
    • Steps of writing a proposal to conduct research
    • Scientific research methodologies of problem solving
    • Techniques and tools to do brainstorming on a problem in a systematic way
    • Derive research questions and scope goals in solving a community problem
    • Concepts of innovation and patent
    • Techniques of collecting data to solve a problem
    • Data analysis technologies/ techniques 
    • Statistical concepts and techniques to solve problems
    • Use cases of Qur’anic Data Analysis
    • Machine Learning tools for Data Analysis, clustering, and visualization
    • Set up a website for presenting my research result 
    • impact of my social media profile on my College/career and how to use it positively
    • Steps/techniques necessary to succeed in College and career preparation
  • Early research experience can be an entry point for future undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Networks and Connections: You create greater bond with people in your team, mentors and during research.  
  • Collaboration: Having an opportunity to work with like-minded people and deepen your knowledge puts you in a position to work as a team towards achieving a higher purpose, a goal that surpasses the individual concept of sharing knowledge and accomplishing great achievements. You also get a chance to realize the importance of having high communication skills and how teamwork can help accomplish outstanding achievements. 
  • Time Management
  • Mentors provides valuable coaching, support and feedback in developing future science scholars.