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Final & Semi Topics


  • Extinct species should be brought back
  • Racism is here to stay
  • We must not fight the bully (Impromtu)
  • A city life is better than a country life (Impromptu)
Final: America has a responsibility to stop unjust governments
  • Extinct species should be brought back uniforms ahould be mandatory in school
  • We must not fight the bully (Impromptu)
  • Children should not watch YouTube (Impromptu)
Final: The Chickens must be stopped
  • Social media companies ought to be legally responsible for content posted by users on their platforms
  • The next pandemic will most likely be worse than covid-19
  • This house would stop making pennies (Impromptu)
  • Masajid are no longer a safe space for our youth (Impromptu)
Final: The era of personal vehicles is coming to an end.
Semi-Final: Governments should monitor their citizens (Impromptu)
  • Recess should be mandatory
  • Space exploration should be expanded
  • This house would stop making pennies (Impromptu)
  • Pineapple should not be on pizza (Impromptu)
Final: If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.
Semi-Final: Professional sports are a waste (Impromptu)
  • Second place is preferable to first place (Impromptu)
  • Covid vaccines should be mandatory (Impromptu)
Final: College is more harmful than beneficial for Muslims.
Semi-Final: Pharmaceutical advertisements should be banned (Impromptu)
  • Second place is preferable to first place (Impromptu)
  • Homework is detrimental to a student’s growth (Impromptu)
Final: The school day should mirror the work day.
Semi-Final: You can judge a book by its cover
Final: The meaning of a creative work is NOT solely determined by the creators(s).
Final: A benevolent dictator is better than a democratically elected head of state.
Final: College is unnecessary.
Final: By high school it is too late.
Final: Middle schoolers should not be worried about politics.
Final: Muslims will benefit from engaging in current politics.
Final: Affirmative action should be abolished.
Final: Kill one to save many.
Final: The Benefits of expanding Masjid Al Haram outweigh the need to preserve Makkah’s historic sites
Final: The United States has a moral obligation to promote democratic principals in the Middle East