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MY-HACK Guidelines & Scoring


Note: Subject to Change – Please contact [email protected] for current format


No Credit
(0 points)

(10 points)

(20 points)

(25 points)


Does the product have a meaningful impact?

Does it address a genuine social need?

[Max 25 points]

The project has very little or no application

The project takes wide liberty with the prompt and is only loosely related. The core messages are missing.

Project addresses the prompt but diverges in some core aspects. It is useful in theory but lacks aspects in execution to bring it into reality. Alternatively, the project develops an new idea that reasonably fits the hackathon.

The content of the project directly addresses the prompt. Project has application in a clear, unique way. Alternatively, the project develops a new idea that fits the hackathon goals well by coordinating with the organizers.

Does the product introduce a new approach or perspective, technical, analytical, or visual?

[Max 25 points]

The chosen technology and design is already deeply established.

The code adds a new twist on established design. The new code provides a better/faster/clearer way to attack the problem than the old one

The new project tackles a problem that has been overlooked/ignored in the past, or attacks a problem with a new angle / on a bigger scale / on a higher level

The technology or design breaks ground. The new project attacks a new problem and provides a novel solution for social good


Does the product function as intended? Is it robust and easy to interact with?

[Max 25 points]

Product is less than 20% functional (e.g. buttons don’t work, data doesn’t pull, etc).

Product is semi-functional. Has 20-40% of functionality intended. Does some of the things it is intended to do

Product is mostly-functional (40-80%). Does most of the things it is intended to do but is missing some functionality.

Product is fully functional (80-100%) – meets intentions (e.g. actually does what you say it is supposed to do)


Were they able to present the problem and solution clearly?

Did all hackers contribute to the solution?

[Max 25 points]

No design, The project is uninviting and does not elevate the message

Some intentionality is put into the UX and UI but navigation is not intuitive. Message is somewhat muddled.

Project is well designed and easy to use. Message is clear. additional directions are needed to easily navigate project.

Message is communicated fresh and compelling. Design is beautiful. Project is very well-organized and user can use application without any additional instructions.

Total: _____________ of 100 points

Scoring Guidelines:

* The teams will be judged on four different criteria – fit, innovation, functionality, and design of the product.

* Maximum of 25 points possible under each criterion.

* Total Score = Fit + Innovation + Functionality + Collaboration 

* Judge’s Favorite: The judge may award an additional five points for their favorite demonstration of community impact.

* Penalties: Score of ZERO if not submitted on time or if initial deliverable unchanged over event period.

* Negative score is also possible if none of the milestones are met or if the Code of Conduct  is violated.


Note: Subject to Change – Please contact [email protected] for current format