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Muslim Hackathon


A 24 hours sprint-like event focused on collaboration to come up with innovative solutions using technology.


A platform for Muslim youth to learn new skills, meet new people and unlock creativity in an inclusive environment using technology.

No previous coding experience is required! Teams of 3-5 members will be required to build practical solutions, over a span of 24 hours, for relevant issues impacting the society.

Throughout the hackathon, mentors will be there to help with everything from project ideation, formulation, to development and submission. 

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Virtual Workshops

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  • August 1, Tuesday, 7 to 9 pm  – Intro and basic development with MIT App Inventor on day 1 – Br. Anwar Sabri, ImpactTek                       

  • August 3, Thursday, 7 to 9 pm. – AI with MIT App Inventor on day 2. – Br. Anwar Sabri, ImpactTek

Virtual Workshop 

  • August 4, Friday, 9 to 10 pm – Secure your Online Presence: A Hackathon Workshop on Online Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
    • This workshop will help you understand  the relationship of online risks with  emerging threats, and vulnerabilities.   A number of safeguarding principles and techniques will then be introduced from both technical and Islamic perspective, which can be useful in designing your own customized tools for online protection.

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