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MY-HACK Guidelines

What is Hackathon?

See presentation MY Hack 101 for an overview.

Problem Statement

  • Create your hack based on one or multiple categories.
  • Your hack should align with the problem statement/ categories.
  • Remember to be creative, you can create a web page, app, meme generator, app template, whatever you want! Just make sure to tailor it so that it aligns with the categories.

Download the Problem Statement document here

Examples from various hackathons


  1. Go to my-hack.devpost.com
  2. Click “Register for this hackathon”
  3. Sign up for Devpost if you don’t have an account already
  4. Click “Enter a submission”
  5. Click “Add a new project”
  6. Fill out information about your project
  7. Click “Submit to Hackathon Demo”
  8. Feel free to edit your project page before the deadline.


This video provides a great run-down of the process!


After you’ve submitted your hack, you will be expected to give a short presentation to the judges of your demo. Make sure to do the following during your presentation:

● Describe what your project does
● Demonstrate how it works

● Explain the technology used

● Discuss what you learned
● Pitch time: 5 minutes max
● Judge Q/A: 5-10 minutes