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MAFIQ Testimonials

I can’t remember a school year that my parents didn’t encourage me to participate in Mafiq programs. I’ve been involved in EPC and debate clubs since 4th grade. Fast forward, I’m now a senior dental student. Alhamdulillah due to these programs, my confidence in public speaking has been solidified. I’ve used these skills throughout my schooling and will continue to use them in my professional life. I’m very blessed to have been able to take advantage of Mafiq programs and I encourage others to do the same! 



Mafiq Foundation youth programs fill a very large void in the constellation of K-12 education.  EPC, MYDT, and the COOOL summer program provide a safe space for Muslim youth to learn, grow, and dream.  These programs teach our youth the critically important skills that school systems overlook: public speaking, persuasive writing, critical thinking, and technical research.  The Mafiq Foundation prepares our youth to believe in themselves and take on the world with confidence and grace. 

Hasan Ahmed