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EPC Guidelines and Scoring

Scoring for Speech

  1. Take notes during the speech on the elements of the rubrics. For example, you can tally the number of times the speaker makes eye contact, makes a particularly good point or mumbles. These tallies can help you to score an essay. 

  2. Be consistent in your scoring across all speakers in the same level 

  3. Do not be swayed by personal preference or opinion. For example, if two essays are otherwise of similar quality do not score one child higher because that child expresses opinions similar to yours.
  4. Use of index cards is permissible, however, reading directly from the script is strongly discouraged and scores should reflect this. 
  5. It is a natural tendency to unconsciously adjust your scoring approach as you hear more speeches. So, be sure that at the end of a session, review your scores and note sheets to make any adjustments to your scoring before turning in your scores to your category lead. Timer Please see attached automated timers for each level with built in flash cards (start, 1 min left warning and 30 sec left warning) that you may find useful.

EPC Judges Scoring forms

Essay Scoring Form:



Speech Scoring Form:



Note: Subject to Change – Please contact [email protected] for current format