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EPC Testimonials

I can’t remember a school year that my parents didn’t encourage me to participate in Mafiq programs. I’ve been involved in EPC and debate clubs since 4th grade. Fast forward, I’m now a senior dental student. Alhamdulillah due to these programs, my confidence in public speaking has been solidified. I’ve used these skills throughout my schooling and will continue to use them in my professional life. I’m very blessed to have been able to take advantage of Mafiq programs and I encourage others to do the same!

Imam Bashar Arafat



I was a competitor with Mafiq Foundation’s Essay Panel contest and Debate  competition for several years. Alhamdulillah, I can credit Mafiq Foundation for helping me find my love for writing. One thing that I love about their work is that they take all the winning submissions and publish a book every year.

Arif Kabir



I am a student at UMBC, studying biology. I was the judge for the art and media submissions in January earlier this year, and I truly loved doing it as I used to participate in the essay competitions when I was younger. I want to help the youth of our community and give them the opportunity to speak and interact with other muslims of their age.

Hussein Aligabi



The annual EPC competition helped my children become more confident in their writing and speaking abilities when it comes to topics related to Islam. 

Zahra Ahmed



EPC has played a crucial role in the childhood development of my kids. The programs have helped build their confidence, writing styles and public speaking skills. The community comments regarding my kids’ confidence have reinforced that EPC is a pillar and beacon of light for the community. The topics Mafiq chooses are relevant issues that our youth are challenged with daily. The competition can seem daunting, stepping out of your comfort zone. But as parents, it’s our job to encourage our kids to take risks- because that is how the real world works. EPC is a safe space for our kids to practice taking risks and challenge themselves. English writing and speech skills are essential in any career field- this is an exciting place to refine and fine tune. If every family partakes in this annual competition – we will see its benefit in waves inshaAllah.  

Anum Shami