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Is there any fun part of the program?

First of all, we think the whole program will be a bit intense, challenging, but rewarding, meaning there would be some serious hard-earned fun there inshaAllah. In addition, everyday we will have 30 minute fun/game activities. Working in collaboration with other students should be fun too, we hope!


How many instructors will be teaching in this program?

Insha’Allah, we will have more than 15 professionals and College students to teach in this program. When we get all the commitments finalized, the roster will be posted.


How will the high-school student select a project?

First, students will go through a brainstorming session on a pool of research project topics proposed by the potential mentors and students themselves. They will also be provided the Islamic context of the problem, the type of data collection/analysis, and a step-by-step methods of writing a proposal. Based on all these, students will come up with a research project proposal.


What is the duration of the paid research internship for the selected students?

The expectation is that students will complete the proposed research project working 50 additional hours during the rest of the summer (mostly between Aug 15 and September 15). For more details visit the MYSTI Event.