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EPC Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is established for students, parents, and coaches participating in the Essay Panel Competition (EPC) or wishing to participate in the EPC activities. The code applies to participants, parents, audience members, and coaches. Persons who violate the code may be restricted from engagement or involvement in EPC activities. Restrictions are at the discretion of the Director of the EPC. 


Respect Others 

EPC Debate involves the engagement of ideas between parties that do not agree. In discussions over issues, participants must remain civil and polite in their engagement with others. Treating other persons with personal disrespect is not acceptable. As a member of the EPC platform, you are expected to exhibit high standards of civil behavior in contentious discussions. 


Maintain a Courteous and Sporting Attitude 

Debate is an emotional activity and it is essential that competitors learn to conduct themselves in a courteous fashion in all contexts. Competitors are expected to maintain a courteous attitude and address toward all competitors, judges, and other participants in debate competition. Rude conduct, including belittling or insulting comments, gestures, or negative attitudes, is not acceptable. Moreover, competitors are expected to maintain a sporting attitude. A sporting attitude is defined as: (1) a positive attitude toward the process of competition, not just winning, (2) a willingness to maintain positive attitude and effort throughout competition without becoming cynical about or in competition, (3) a commitment to fair competition and abhorrence of attempts to gain unfair advantages, (4) an understanding that opponents are legitimately engaged in attempts to win the competition and their attempts to win are not insulting or personal, (5) the ability and willingness to positively recognize the achievements of opponents, even when those achievements come at the expense of the competitor, and (6) the ability to treat defeated opponents with courtesy and respect.


Respect Coaching Staff & Team Members 

Competitors are expected to treat their coaches and fellow team members with a high level of respect and courtesy. The Director of the EPC platform and the designated representatives, hired or volunteer coaches are to be addressed with courtesy and respect at all times. Competitors should understand that they are expected to comply with specific directives given by the coaches regarding any EPC business or competition. Competitors should treat the fellow team members with respect. This includes engaging in courteous address toward team members and avoiding insulting or denigrating fellow team members either directly or to others. Discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, sexual orientation or gender is prohibited. Harassing comments, sexual or otherwise, are also not acceptable.

Problems or disagreements between team members that impact EPC debates should be brought to the attention of the Director. Questions or disputes concerning the judging must be brought to the attention of the MYDT Director in writing at [email protected]


Comply with All Federal, State and Local Laws and Host Policies 

Competitors are expected to comply with all applicable laws and rules. Failure to comply may result in consequences for competitors.